1. Comfort
2. Hangover?
3. Room for Rent

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Like an Atheist in Nashville

Steve Owen is an original American storyteller with a voice like a smooth stone, a chronicler of the strange and obscure details that make up ordinary life. " an Atheist in Nashville" (with all the outsider charm that the name implies) is his best record yet.

Song List
1. Standing Still
2. Comfort
3. The Ballad of Wendell T. Phillips
4. Gin & Mountain Dew
5. Sing Me no Love Songs
6. Who's Gonna Buy Me a Beer?
7. Room for Rent
8. Mud
9. Hangover?
10. Gravedigger
11. Flatlander's Lament
12. I'll be Home for Christmas


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Steve Owen likes to listen. " an Atheist in Nashville," his newest release and Ethic Recordings debut, is a collection of songs and stories from a guy that observes and never judges; a songwriter at the top of his game. And the game is listening in: an overheard conversation at a diner or at the scene of a house fire; a random encounter with a former alcoholic clown turned priest or a fellow flatlander stranded in California.