Featured Artist  

Patrick Conway

Our featured artist is Patrick Conway, whose new record "The Rocking Stone," is now available. Patrick not only produced Steve Owen's " an Atheist in Nashville" but has engineered many of the albums you see on this site, and was instrumental in bringing the "I See Hawks in L.A." and "Live at the Du Nord" records to fruition. We're glad to have Patrick finally join the artist roster because he's been involved in Ethic from the start. Hope you like "The Rocking-Stone" as much as we do...



Ethic Recordings V2.0 kicks off Summer 2003...

The new Steve Owen CD "the Turlock 2" is near completion and will be released in the fall.

Chuck "the little white wonder" Lindo's first solo project is well
underway, and we're all looking forward to the final product.

Doug Blumer has just begun work on his first release for Ethic Recordings.