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Who We Are (and what we do...)

Ethic Recordings is an independent record label based in San Francisco, California. To us, independent means a few different things: it means that our artists have the freedom to control their music and make the records they want to make; it means that as a label we can support artists just because they are good and worth listening to; it means, in short, that we can do things our own way.

Ethic Recordings is technically owned by two people but is effectively a cooperative of sound engineers, session musicians, songwriters, producers, and other creative people who want to make records without confronting the kinds of economics and logistics involved in major label decision making. Our artists own all the rights in their recordings and are on an equal footing with the label in every respect; by working together with like-minded producers they, and we, can keep the costs of making and marketing their records down.

The distribution channels offered by the Internet, and the growing number of fans who buy online also increases the margin for our artists and us. For a band (or a small label), lowering the cost and increasing the profit of making an independent record can mean the difference between making and not making a record at all. Thus, our artists not only control their own musical and professional destinies, they also have a greater stake in the success of each project.

Starting a label that preserves the integrity of a band or an artist's work by keeping costs down, and leaves ownership of masters and publishing where they belong, with the artist seemed like a good idea to us, and we hope you agree. We think that respecting artists' rights in their work and recognizing the opportunity to change the way music business is done, is good business.

Good Music

Although Ethic Recordings primarily deals in what you might call Country or Americana music; we would rather be defined by our philosophy than by the restrictions of generic categorization. So don't be surprised if you hear a jazz record, or a rock record, or a record that you can't quite define coming from us. We'll just be surprised if you don't like it. Also, feel free to email any of the artists you see here with your comments, or just to say hello, and find out what other projects they've done, or when they're coming through your area to play.

Stay In Touch

Thanks for visiting the site and please feel free to offer feedback, suggestions, rants etc. We want to know who you are, what you think, and what you want to hear.

If you are an artist or represent a band that you think might fit well with Ethic Recordings, then we want to hear your music. If you like you can send a demo to:

Ethic Recordings
P.O. Box 132
Forest Knolls, CA 94933